SCM Critically Important to 'New Economy' Businesses

And Talent the Single Biggest Issue Faced by Industry Leaders

As businesses increasingly operate as extended enterprises, in collaboration and without siloes, having leadership and a work force that 'get' supply chain management in all its facets can create and sustain business advantage.  

Progressive companies are building their understanding of Supply Chain Management and Logistics from the traditional cost center and transforming to a view of these disciplines as creators of value in terms of customer loyalty through service reliability and continuous improvement, revenue generators and even cost savings centers. In the digital information age, social media and omni-channel retail realities of the highly unpredictable, global economy have caused organizations to look to their supply chains for reduced costs, profit and margin contribution, and better use of capital. 

Education and continuous development of supply chain management talent has never been  more important.

CSCMP Supports Continuous Learning Needed by Business!

CSCMP's Mission is to lead the Supply Chain profession by connecting and educating the world’s Supply Chain Management Professionals throughout their careers. The San Francisco Roundtable is proud to support this mission by:

  • Awarding an annual Scholarship and Annual Conference Sponsorship to deserving students expressing an interest in supply chain management as a career. 
  • Provide Career Center support to students, practitioners and all levels of personnel in transition.
  • Offer Certification Programs including SCPro
  • Partnering with Bay Area Universities and Colleges to disseminate information on fresh, relevant programs that help develop the skills and knowledge needed by SF Bay Area and global business community supply chains.

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